Jody Porowski is a results-driven product and business leader with an entrepreneurial spirit. Fueled by a desire to make things better, solve real problems, and create something out of nothing, she is an equal believer in analyzing data and building relationships.

Jody's primary experience is focused around developing and launching both B2B and B2C products at a variety of companies - startups, medium/high-growth companies, and large corporations. Some of the notable companies she has worked with throughout her career include: SAS Institute, Disney, Zappos, State Farm, Google and Equinox. She has been featured on, Fast Company, Forbes, The Huffington Post and She is the creator of US Patent 9,009,027.

Jody sold her Internet consumer startup (Avelist) to The Muse in 2016. She currently works as a Director at The Muse, launching and general managing the company's first ecommerce product. In addition to her work at The Muse, her professional activities include writing, speaking, advising and consulting.